UTSG 2022

Preliminary findings from Bristol policy documents presented at UTSG annual conference

The TSU's Dr Hannah Budnitz, presented at the annual conference of the University Transport Studies Group in July, held this year at Edinburgh Napier University. At 9am sharp the morning after the conference dinner, she presented her review of the subjects of local urban policy-making in the Bristol case study, using Foucault's governmentality framework. She then described the implications of this process of shaping subjects for all aspects of social justice, concluding that in the policy documents analysed, there is a disconnect between equity concerns, expected participation, and assumptions of a generic capability to choose between [electric] transport options that limits recognition of experiences, values, social relations. She explained that the next steps would be to interview policy makers and stakeholders to better understand the policy-making processes and opportunities for making the transition more inclusive. The presentation was well-received, with the audience suggesting potential avenues for further investigation, and those academics from Bristol describing some of their involvement in the various policies and projects and offering constructive feedback from a local perspective.